US Immigration reforms depend on election results

July 30, 2016
Arizona's Republican Sen. John McCain has said that post the United States Presidential elections, there could be the significant possibility of immigration reforms. He did not dismiss the chances of pushing forward the 2013 immigration reform bill again in 2017. 

US Immigration reforms depend on election results

In an interview, McCain said that "Sooner or later, depending on the results of the election, we'll have to take up that subject again. You've seen what I have done. Speaking on the sidelines of his attempt, he said, "The immigration plan passed that the eight of us put together in the Senate."

Eight Senators from both the parties introduced an immigration bill in 2008; the reform bill went nowhere in the House of Representatives. As the Speaker back then, John Boehner has refused to bring it to a vote.

McCain was the official presidential candidate of the Republican Party in 2008. He was elected for the Houses of Representatives 30 years ago.  He is putting his best efforts to win the sixth term and is striving hard to win the Latino vote.

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