US is all set to tighten its Visa Waiver Program

December 17, 2015
The US is all set to tighten the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The text which is expected to be voted on by Thursday including the law which was adapted by the House of Representatives previous week which excludes the individuals from the VWP nations who are dual nationals from few Middle East countries.

US is all set to tighten its Visa Waiver Program

It will also exclude the individuals from around 38 countries that include 30 countries in Europe who had visited the Middle East nations.

Those overseas citizens would not be permitted to travel to US, but they would be required to get a visa before to their visit through the standard means and that includes a face to face interview at the Consulate of the US.

Around 20 million individuals every year visit to the US without any visa to reside for less than three months and that includes around 13 million citizens from European countries.

EU ambassador to the US David O’s Sullivan said that possible revenge might be done against the US, and also said that the program is based on reciprocity.

Nonprofit organizations had also called the step as biased since it is punishing the citizens from Europe based on their origin from Muslim majority nations.

According to Civil Liberties Group, Executive Director, Anthony Romero, again the member of the US Congress are using the US government financial support bill for pursuing their radical programs.

Some US politicians has seek to change the step, expressing deep concerns that the European countries will offer mutual treatment against the US tourists.

But according to the supporters of the step in Congress, it is important to tighten the program.

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