US Legislators Plan A Substitute to H-1B Visa Lottery

June 04, 2016
Two legislators from the United States House are trying to change the operation for H-1B work visa lottery. The legislation has not implemented the change and for now remains the same.  The legislation needs the approval of both the houses for this change to be initiated.

US Legislators Plan A Substitute to H-1B Visa Lottery

Darell  Issa, Republican House representative and Zoe Lofgren, Democratic House representative from California are the two legislators who plan to end the H-1B lottery system. Their intention is to reform the H1B visa system and give priority to the overseas workers depending on their credibility and annual remuneration. Several discussions took place regarding this proposed bill, with Issa emphasizing his support for a joint effort for the reformation of H-1B.

There have been quite many disputes about the H-1B visa program. According to Issa, this case "appears to be an example of precisely what the H-1B visa is not intended to be i.e. a program to simply replace American workers en masse with cheap labor from overseas."

In the past, Lofgren had voiced her concerns regarding this issue. During a hearing on H1B visa issue, she expressed, "We can't have people coming from an undercutting the American educated workforce."

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