US puts immigration assessment as the reason for deporting Indian students

December 30, 2015

Subsequent to the issue of deporting Indian students from the port of entry; the US has finally clarified that the students were not denied entry due to the two California-based universities but based on the immigration assessment of individuals. Indian students holding valid student visas after getting admissions in Silicon Valley University at San Jose and Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fermont were denied entry to the US earlier this month. It was presumed that the said universities were blacklisted by US authorities which resulted in the deportation of Indian students. But the current clarification from the US has thrown a light on a new concern i.e. denial of entry to Indians in the US even after holding valid visas.

US puts immigration assessment as the reason for deporting Indian students

More Indians travelling on business/work/visit visas to the US have been deported recently. Responding to the statement issued by the US on deportation of Indians in the US; Indian External Affairs Ministry has asserted that America needs to honour visas issued to Indians. As per Ministry, “The US Government has conveyed that the decision to deny entry to these students is not because of the corresponding institutions being 'blacklisted' but based on the assessment made by the US immigration authorities of individual applicants.”

"We have strongly emphasized the need for the US authorities to honour the visas issued by their own Embassy/Consulates," it added.

The Ministry stated that according to US authorities the deported persons had presented information to the border authorities which was inconsistent to their visa status.

To address this, the Ministry has advised students to carry all required documentation related to their education, accommodation in US, financial sufficiency, health insurance etc.

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