US Republican Senator Ted Cruz called for suspending H-1B visa for six months

November 20, 2015
Republican presidential candidate had called for suspension of H-1B visa grants for six months for investigating the exploitation against the most sought after job visa by the Indian IT professionals.

US Republican Senator Ted Cruz called for suspending H-1B visa for six months

According to the Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, in order to toughen the system of immigration, protect the national security and serving better to the US workers, the granting of H-1B visas should be suspended for 180 days for completing the investigation and the audit of the allegations of the exploitation of the program.

Cruz, whose popularity has augmented in the past few weeks, told that the fresh charges detail awful mistreatment of the H-1B visa program, the program which is used to create US jobs and encourage the growth of the economy. He will suspend the program for six months for investigating the exploitations.

Cruz has supported increasing the H-1B visa numbers and also called for stopping the expansion in legal immigration so long as US unemployment remains inappropriately soaring.

Cruz also seeks to end the birthright citizenship. He said that the birthright citizenship was not planned to authorize the children of people who are breaking the law by entering and residing in the US illegally. He said that he will take necessary steps to pass the law or the constitutional amendment for ending it.

He also said that if he is elected, his administration would impose present protections for the US workers and change the H-1B visa program for fulfilling its original purpose.

He also called for creating the layoff cool period for the H-1B visa applications, and also said that the firms should wait for one or two years between laying off a employee and bringing any H-1B overseas employee for ensuring that the program is not used to move the US employees.

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