US's moves to draw Georgia into its orbit

February 27, 2014
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According to news reports, the US has pledged more aid, assistance and help to Georgia to assist it in its efforts and moves to promote and boost ties with EU and the western countries. This announcement comes amidst Georgia’s plans, actions, etc. to forge more ties with the EU and the West and to lessen ties with its erstwhile primary block (i.e. Eastern block) member, Russia. This policy position was stated and declared by the US Secretary of State, John F. Kerry.  John Kerry made this announcement at the beginning of his meetings with Georgian Prime Minister Irakly Garibashvili.

He announced emphatically that additional assistance would be available from the United States to help it support Georgia's vision in favour of Europe, and more specifically to help Georgia get or obtain the benefit of visa-free travel with and within the EU. According to this announcement, this measure would directly help reduce the difficulties encountered by the citizens of Georgia. Russia would also seek to help those affected by the border conflict which is prevalent in its occupied territories (i.e. South Ossetia).
Mr. Kerry also praised the pro-market measures of Georgia and also urged the country to put into effect its plans to expand and build more trade ties with the United States and with Europe. He stated that market reforms were possible only in a regime, where there was strict adherence to the rule of law. And, market and trade reforms to go along with it would directly instill confidence among investors seeking to invest in that country. Kerry also asked the country’s leadership to put an end to the conflict with Russia and to look to the future and not to the past.

Kerry also sought to allay fears that what happened to Ukraine (the civil-war like situation prevailing there) would (or, could) happen in Georgia. In Ukraine, the violent and volatile situation prevalent there has been engendered because some regions and people in that country wanted and have sought closer ties with the West, while the others wanted it otherwise (i.e. they were in favour of closer ties with Russia). 
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