US State Department would no longer issue additional passport pages from next year

December 08, 2015
For the regular tourists there is nothing much impressive than a passport which is well stamped and its pages that are filled with dates and inks and destinations. But if the pages of your passport are going to be filled up, then you required applying for extra pages in your passport. 

US State Department would no longer issue additional passport pages from next year

From 1st January 2016, the US Department of State would no longer grant extra passport pages because of its own security reasons.  After this date, the individuals holding the US passports had to apply for a fresh passport which costs at $110.  They might either request for the standard 28 pages passport or the latest sized 52 pages passport. Individuals still have time till 31st December to apply for the additional passport pages.

The statement from the US State Department was an update to the announcement in the month of March that they are going to consider new regulations for eliminating the choice of adding visa pages. So, there are few days left before the deadline is reached, before that go through your passport and take a look how many pages are remaining.

Few countries would not permit the tourists to enter until they had two or four empty pages. And according to the latest update from the US State Department, it would take around 4-6 weeks to get a new passport. And if you want to get it soon you should pay around $60 more for it. you will get your new passport in three weeks of time.

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