US to increase the quota for H-2B visas by 400%

December 19, 2015
The US legislators have decided to raise the quota for H-2B visas by around 400% for unskilled overseas workers.

The year ending spending deal reveals on Wednesday including the condition that will raise the number of foreign workers visas available to the unskilled overseas citizens.

US to increase the quota for H-2B visas by 400%

According to the US Senator, there are over 2000 page year ending financial bill that contains the modifications to the federal immigration regulation that will raise by four times,  the small income overseas workers offered to the employers under this H-2B visa program, beyond what is presently permitted. Sessions told that the H-2B visas would rise from 66,000 to 2,50,000 due to the language in its deal.

He also said that these overseas workers are bring in for filling the blue color non farm employment in hotels, construction, restaurants, truck driving and many other jobs that are sought by millions of US citizens. 

The H2B visas are offered to overseas workers who seek employment in theme parks, hotels, golf courses, ski resorts, restaurants and bars and landscaping businesses.  This H2-B visa is intended to fetch in the low skilled temporary and seasonal employees.

This prerequisite will raise the work competition for some of the US most susceptible families during the time when the jobs are still difficult to find for lesser skilled occupations. - Said NumberUSA.

It also said that the employers like to recruit H-2B employees as their visa is tied to the firm which avoids many from complaining or creating the unions when ill-treated.  

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