USA immigration to issue green cards of 10.5 million by 2025

August 04, 2015
The United States government is to issue more number of new green cards in the next decade even more than the combined populations of new Hampshire, lowa and South Carolina according to the report of the U.S senate’s subcommittee on immigration and the national interest.

The new green cards are expected to reach about 10.5 million by 2025, which is more than the combined population of 3 states that add up to 9.3 million.

US immigration to issue green cards of 10.5 million by 2025

Under the current federal policy, the issue of green card reaches approximately 1 million legal permanent residents (LPRs) per every year. As the statistics in the last five years shows that U.S had issued 5.25 million green cards.

Since the later half of 20th century, the US visa programs have accounted the overwhelming majority of immigration from students and workers. Critics of US immigration points that visa programs have claimed the Americans employment by corporations letting to substitute the US citizen with a less paid foreign worker.

The last four decades witnessed a dramatic change in the employment and wage structure in the United States. As the immigration trends reduced the demand for middle-skilled workers, simultaneously increasing the supply of workers in low skilled jobs.

Critics also blast that green cards are letting the immigrants claim government benefits that are exclusively for US citizens. A green card will allow immigrants to apply for citizenship and aid the immigration for family members it also allows to benefit under social schemes such as federal welfare schemes, work authorization, medical benefits and social security.

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