US universities has recruited 1,00,000 employees on H-1B visa in past five years

January 07, 2016
US universities has bypassed the yearly limit of 85,000 quota for H-1B visa, out of which 65,000 for overseas professionals and 20,000 for the domestic graduates to employ 1,00,000 employees on those visas in the previous five years, because they are except from the visa limits.

According to a report, the universities that recruit H-1B employees include 21,754 professors, instructors and lecturers. 20,566 doctors, therapists and clinicians. 25,175 post doctors, researchers and biologists along with 30,000 employees in many other positions.

US universities has recruited 1,00,000 employees on H-1B visa in past five years

The universities are exempted because of the previous regulation. It assists the universities to employ top notch talent from across the world to improve the skills of their research and faculty departments.

The report also revealed that the universities hired around 18,109 limits exempt fresh H-1Bs from the month of January to December 2015. They hired 17,739 latest H-1Bs in the year 2014, 16,750 in the year 2013.

The report also says that the Michigan University received 165 H-1B hires in the year 2014. Harvard University hired 162, Yale University hired 132. 

Universities has also requested for 30,000 green cards for overseas workers since the year 2009 that includes 16,941 education employees and 12,000 researchers.

Apart from the H-1B hiring, the universities also offer the OPT program to the students on F-1 visa which permits the overseas graduates of universities of the US to do job for a year or 29 months in the US.  In the year 2014, the program permitted 1,20,000 overseas graduates to do job. 

According to Adria Baker, Director, Rice University, they are very supportive to provide foreign students more chances as the firms depends on these students. They recruit them as they are the best for that field.

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