US visa rejections to poles has all set to dropdown

December 04, 2014
US state department has all set to drop the visa rejection count

In the latest count announced by the United States state division, it was found that, the figure of disapprovals of poles tourists’ visa requests has fall down to 6.4%. In the US tourist count, which was figured during the fiscal year from 1 October till September it was found that, there was drastic surge in the latest count when compared to last year. 

Previous year the rejection rate was 10.8 and during the financial year of 2012 the refusal rate was of about 9.3%.  

US state division has compared the present refusal rates with the figure of eight years ago, and has found 26.2% visa rejection of applications. If the country is able to make some improvements in the refusal rates, it will be eligible for USA’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP), which would allow tourists to travel to the country visa freely. Among all EU members’ states, Poland is the only one country which has not formally constituted political group to VWP and the remaining nations such as Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria have newly joined to VWP.

Poland’s Ambassador to the USA, Ryszard Schnepf revealed that, these refusal rate limitations would surely resolve the major issues in coming years. And one of the polish representative said that this decrement in visa refusals could be the low economical standard of the individuals applying for the visa. Though there are more diplomats in congress who have announced that would support Poland to join in VWP, according to Poland’s Ambassador.

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