US will commence accepting H-1B Visa Petitions from April 1

March 20, 2019
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services will commence accepting fresh H-1B visa applications for the FY 2020 starting on April 1.

US will commence accepting H-1B Visa Petitions from April 1

The Details

The starting date for employment in these visas is October 1. Like in the past, the visa cap limit for H-1B in 2019 is 65,000. Additionally, 20,000 more petitioners, possessing a degree of Master's, or higher from a university based in the US, will get the visas. Furthermore, many lawyers feel that this year will be extraordinary in nature. This is owing to the fact, that there is continuous scrutiny and a few subtle changes in the rules announced earlier. In January, there was an introduction of change of the order regarding counting the allocations by USCIS.

The Selection Process

The agency presently aims to put all the petitions including the petitions of advanced degree holders in the regular cap. The second round will involve the selection of the remaining petitions. The new order will increase the chances of applicants holding the Master's degree. As per the USCIS, this change will lead to an increase of 16 percent or of 5,340 workers, among the selected H-1B petitioners holding the advanced US degree.

Additionally in the last six years, the agency has received sufficient H1-B applications for filling up the cap of 85,000. This happened in the first five days of April. Similarly, this time also, there is a chance to hit the cap in a matter of five days. Some stakeholders say that that the crackdown on H-1B and the negative sentiment in the immigration debate will impact the filings.


Also, there is a possibility of fewer filings because many employers are unhappy with the system. Additionally, the administration has no realization regarding the shortage of high-skilled workers to maintain the momentum of the economy. The wait has commenced and the results and the reality will be out soon.
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