USA Latest Call To Stand With Refugees

March 14, 2017

I appeal to all lawmakers in the United States House of Congress to stand up against the President’s latest executive laws on refugees and foreigners, which reestablishes an already existing prohibition on Muslims and regenerates the postponement of the United States refugee relocation scheme.

Much like the administrative pronouncement issued against refugees and foreigners passed on the 27th of January, this renewed edition goes against everything we believe regarding genuine freedom. It constitutes a danger to the populace and unnecessary damage to humans all over the globe. It destroys the security of the United States as a country.

By turning our backs on foreigners who require urgent help, this law puts a brand new aura of heartlessness and wickedness into our nation’s immigration policy.

The latest administrative law keeps a lot of the same terrible plan of action of the president’s former impediment on immigration of foreigners which includes forbidding citizens of various Muslim populated nations from coming into the United States.

In this recent law passed, President Trump ticked off Iraq from the number of countries forbidden from entering the States.

Ostensible modification of the former law on foreigners does not alter the terrible, abusive nature of the law. It is a dent and dirt on our country’s moral sense of right and wrong, and our official whom we voted into government must do all they can to see that this law is turned down and thrown out.

I anticipate that in this trying times, our deeply rooted values as a nation are called out, our congressional members will reinstate the US’s stand to openly welcome strangers and nationals of a foreign land.

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