USA: New Merit-based Immigration Plan May Escalate Highly-Skilled Workers

April 25, 2019
A merit-based immigration plan being put together by Jared Kushner, White House senior adviser it could lead to an escalation in US visas for extremely skilled workers, sources revealed on 24 Apr 2019.

USA: New Merit-based Immigration Plan May Escalate Highly-Skilled Workers

Merit-based Immigration Proposal

Kushner is assumed to present the whole plan next week to US President Trump, who will finalize whether to choose it as his official place or send it back for modifications, the sources revealed.

The plan does not recommend ways to approach young people who came to the USA illegally as children who were defended by President Obama in the 2014 programme recognized as Deferred Action for Childhood Immigrants (D.A.C.A), or those individuals who have the Status of Temporary Protected, the sources said.

Democrats, whose aid the White House would require to improve any kind of immigration law through Congress, have asked that the recipients of D.A.C.A to be protected.

It's difficult to see how Kushner could drive an issue this freighted with central and history to the re-election strategy of the president in a way that would move the ball ahead," Fitz told.

Republicans have supported mainly his proposals on immigration, but the recent White House proposal aims to get them collectively on a broader basis.

Some in the U.S business community has demanded that the highly skilled visas number to be raised to bring more workers from overseas for specialized jobs amid a booming economy of the US. Trump himself has spoken about the necessity to bring a high number of skilled workers.

The immigration proposal would either cut the number of highly skilled visas every year at the equivalent level or increase it slightly, the sources said.

The ultimate purpose is to reform the visa programme into a greater merit-based system, a fundamental Trump goal. Administrators working on the proposal have been examining the systems utilized by Canada and Australia as potential models for the Trump effort.

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