USCIS said immigrants should view the site for dates of their Green Card

October 15, 2015

The Citizenship and Immigration Services of the US on Wednesday confirmed that the immigrants would now require to check USCIS website every month for viewing which visa bulletin chart is governing their ability for filing the applications for green card

USCIS says that the immigrants should view the site for dates of their Green Card

This announcement will add another twist to the confusion that had haunted the reform efforts of the President’s visa system.

With regards to the November 2015. Visa bulletin by the state department, the USCIS says that if they determine that there are many immigrant visas available for the year then it will be stated on the state department’s website, and the applicants might use the Dates for filing the application for the visa chart. 

Until otherwise stated on their website, the date for Application final action chart can be used for determining when the individuals might file their adjustment of the status of the applications.

The USCIS also said that they are expected to make the determination every month and post the chart on their website within one week of publication of the visa bulletin.

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