USIEF to guide students who seek to study in the universities of US

January 08, 2016
Students often do not have the official source to verify the accreditation of the US universities. Despite those universities claims that they had the accreditation from the US government. The students cannot find the reliable source that provides a list of accredited universities in the US.

According to the US-India Education Foundation, many students might not be aware but there many official sources for checking the accreditation of the US universities or educational institutes.

USIEF to guide students who seek to study in the universities of US

The USIEF is recognized by the Indian and the US governments and they said that the system in the US is divided into two categories.  First is the regional accreditation, which is the strongest accreditation in the US. It is generally offered to the schools, colleges, and the universities in all states that are divided into seven regions.  The secondary type of accreditation is the national accreditation that provides only to the faith-based learning institutes.  Depending on the education type, there are various agencies that provide accreditation to the institutes.

Representatives from the USIEF had advised the students who seek to study in the US to do complete research on institute prior taking admission into it.

As per Renuka Raja Rao, national coordinator, USIEF,  it was the responsibility of students to check everything about courses and the institutes they prefer to study.  The two universities in the US are not blacklisted by the US government. Referring to the recent extradition of the students, she said that few students may have failed to reply the queries related to their studies. However, there is no official data on the cause for extradition of the Indian students.

She had advised the students to study about US guidelines on the part time employment for the foreign students. According to her, students require a written consent from college to do job during their period of course, and that in the limit of the university. There are various other topics that students often overlook.

To increase the awareness on procedures, the USIEF is providing free counseling session for the students being held at different institutes and colleges on the regular basis.

Students could book an appointment with officials of USIEF to take their guidance on their plans to study in the US. Similar sessions are being held on every Thursday at the American Corner at the St Francis College for Woman, which is located at Begumpet, Hyderabad.

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