Vietnam to extend visa and residency norms for foreigners

January 01, 2015
Vietnam to issue residency cards and five year visas

Vietnam is planning to issue residency cards and five year visas from the first month of 2015 year. Previously, overseas investors used to attain resident cards and one year visas that were applicable for three years. The existing government of the country is also wishing to extend the visa count which the country usually offers. At present, it is offering 10 and in the future it is planning to give double the number of visas. Once an applicant chooses a particular visa category, no more swapping can be done. 

Along with this, they also wish to extend the term of the three months visa to six months. Overseas nationals travelling to the economic zones of the country are not required to hold any visa.

Individuals who hold the exemption of unilateral visa can travel to the country as many times as they want. However, they can stay in the country only for duration of 30 days following their earlier visit. 

Migration offers of the country will issue the visa for overseas nationals who lack consular presence, for individuals who have booked through tourism mediators and many others. Few of the processes for temporary resident visas are already being eased and have extended to five years. During 2014, around seven million overseas nationals have visited the country.

Few of the Southeast Asian Nations can enter the country without holding any visas.

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