Violence erupts again at the Australian immigration detention centre in New Papua Guinea

February 18, 2014
Violence erupts again at the Australian immigration detention centre in New Papua Guinea

1 asylum seeker was killed and 77 were injured due to violence that took place in Papua New Guinea at an Australian detention centre for immigration, late on Monday night.

Scott Morrison, Immigration minister of Australia, said that the man has died on his way to the hospital due to a head injury. 13 people have suffered severe injuries. The people were injured not in the camp but outside.

Mr. Morrison expressed dismay and concern that it is a very alarming situation where people were determined to revolt in a most fierce way. They have taken a great risk to place themselves beyond the limits set for them.

PNG Police are held responsible for the security outside the centre in Manus Island, he said.
He said that those who have the authority and control of the surroundings beyond the detention centre have to use their powers and the arms that are available to them in order to restore the law as per PNG law.
But, a Member of Refugee Action Coalition, Ian Rintoul told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, that he had received complaints from the detainees saying that the PNG police and locals had entered the detention centre and assaulted them, following a day of tensions.

 But Mr. Morrison was told by the PNG police that they had not entered the centre and they were only involved in handling the refugees who had crossed the limits set for them.

Mr. Morrison remarked that the death was a great tragedy

He also stated that they were not aware of what actually happened outside the centre. To know what actually transpired, they would have to carry out further investigation.

It is believed that the violence took place after some of the refugees first tried to escape from the detention centre on Sunday.

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