Visa exceptions for New Zealand - flexible policies

January 12, 2014

Visa exceptions for New Zealand - flexible policies

There are always certain situations within immigration that will  not be able to be accommodated by the immigration policies that are in force. This does not mean that the a visa will not be able to be obtained and that entering a country will be feasible. Immigration New Zealand will always try to help in these situations and cases will be assessed on a case by case basis. An application can be submitted with a request of the application to be approved as an “exception to the policy”. For these cases to be successful there must be compelling evidence that the situation is indeed important and relevant.

For an applicant to be successful in their claim the circumstances must be relevant to New Zealand and also be beneficial to the country. Three are still requirements that must be met and will not be waived under any special circumstances.  The applicant's character and previous immigration record will be taken into account and if flaws are found then the application will not be successful no matter how important the visit is. If approval would cause problems for New Zealand then the application will not be successful. Although immigration New Zealand will try to accommodate for special circumstances, laws must still be in place and followed.

Recognised international sports professionals will be able to apply for this kind of visa. If they have a tournament in New Zealand they will need a visa and the current visas available may not cover the reasons for their visit. Nurses who are aged fifty five or over will also be able to apply. If there are any aged parents who wish to enter New Zealand but do not meet the parent policy currently in place will also be eligible to apply for a special arrangement to be taken into account.

These special arrangements for visas will be considered but there must be suitable documentations and and instructions. There must be no other option available via the visas system of New Zealand and requesting a special arrangement to be taken into account must be a last resort. If there are health or character issues that prevent an applicant from gaining access in to New Zealand under one of the many Visas available, then a special submission request can be applied for, again criteria must be met.

Immigration New Zealand is tight but they do try to be accommodating as best they can especially in situations that require special care.

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