Visa Information Scheme implemented in EU

May 19, 2014
Visa Information Scheme implemented in EU

The citizens of European Union’s member countries presently have the privilege to travel freely among the member states. This privilege and right follows from the Schengen Convention and Agreement, but there are some maters of concern as for as border security is concerned.

To overcome this problem and weakness, the European Union had made a decision to implement the Visa Information Scheme (VIS), which has features and protocols which are built into the system so as to protect the EU states against malevolent elements. Thus visa information system has been implemented recently, as well. But, Belize is a country which still requires a visa to travel to the EU, with some exceptions in just a few cases.

But, according to the ambassador of Belize, Paola Amadei, this situation may soon change for the better, as according to the ambassador, the country is working out an arrangement and agreement with EU to allow its citizens visa-free travel facility/access to EU.

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