Visa issues in the US is disrupting the lives of skilled immigrants

October 08, 2015
In the month of September, the US State Department gave exciting news to many legal high skilled immigrants who were stuck for many years in the visa backlog waiting for the green cards, that they will take a big step on 1st October along their way to their documents.

Then suddenly without explaining, on the 25th of September, the department reverse the course, dashing the hopes of many high skilled immigrants, mostly from India and China with professional careers and advanced degrees and disrupted their lives.

Visa issues in the US is disrupting the lives of skilled immigrants

Official of the Obama Administration said that the immigration officials actually realized very lately that they do not have enough green card or permanent visas, as it has limit of yearly quotas for immigrants they allow to apply. 

This is also a new setback for efforts made by President Obama for immigration which was announced last year November. The guidelines for speeding up the applications for green card for workers with high skills were part of his programs.

Communication failure between the Homeland Security and the State Department resulted in a turnabout. According to the Officials. They also said that they cannot comment on the matter as it was under litigation.

Many immigrants are on H-1B temporary visa who were caught in the boomerang. As the program is under fire from the people of America, who are saying that overseas workers with visa has displaced them from the jobs. But those who seek green card are working in fields of specialization like technology, medicine and science. They passed a hurdle required their employers to show the Department of Labour that no citizen of the US were there for their jobs.

And with the limit of 1,40,000 green cards based on employment every year, the applicants number has long surpassed the limit. And none of the country have more than 7% of visas, so the Chinese and the Indian  immigrants may have to wait for a decade or for more period of time.

Many of the applicants scrambled to get medical tests, hired lawyers and translators for the documents, by paying dollars in fees. Many of them have postponed their travelling and some of them change their marriage plans and plans to move.

Many immigrants send bouquets to the headquarters of Homeland Security in Washington as a protest which was of mild mannered.

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