Visa requirements for NZ

December 17, 2013

Visa requirements for NZ

Anyone who intends on travelling to New Zealand for any length of time, and are not from a country that New Zealand class as a visa waiver country, will need to apply and obtain a visitor visa to enter the country. There are three criteria that must be met when applying for a visa. 

  1. An applicant's health must be good and proof of this must be shown.
  2. An applicant must be of good character, I.e. no criminal activity has ever taken place, again proof will be needed.
  3. That a visitor visa is what an applicant requires, so the reason for visiting must be made apparent. If for instance an applicant intends on working, a  visitor visa would be the wrong visa to apply for. 

A passport will be required for an intended application to be able to enter New Zealand, the passport must be in date and valid. It must also have at least three months left on it from the date an applicant intends on leaving New Zealand. If not then it must have no more than one month left on past the date an applicant intends to leave and consular must have approved this. 

When applying for an application to gain entry into New Zealand an applicant will also need to prove that they intend on leaving the country, proof of this will also be needed, the authorities will need to see some kind of documentation to coincide with the application forms information on this matter. A confirmation letter from an airline that states the date that the applicant will be leaving is one form of proof that can be used, others include travel tickets with either a specific date or an open ended ticket, the destination of said tickets must be to a country that gives the applicant the right to enter New Zealand. Or sufficient financial ability must be proven, such as adequate funds. 

All of the above must be submitted along with the application form itself to stand any chance of gaining the visas for the visit. Any would be applicant needs to be aware, that if they purchase air tickets and accommodation for the trip before gaining the visa, they will not be refunded if the application is turned down.

Other requirements that are essential for an application form is that an applicant has enough personal funds to guarantee that they can indeed support themselves, as they claim on the visit. New Zealand have very tight requirements that must be met to gain entry into their country. With immigration on the rise, New Zealand are very particular.

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