Visas on Arrival give room to e-visas in Myanmar

March 10, 2015
Myanmar replaces VoAs with e-visas

The count of travelers making use of visas on arrival has been reducing after the introduction of the electronic visa facility. This e-visa system was started on 1 September, 2014 for 41 nations, mostly in Asia. Following this, on 2 October, 24 additional countries were included under the program which now included several European countries.

On 2 January, 32 more nations were added which included Kenya, Morocco, Qatar, Jordan, Monaco, Ecuador and South Africa. In totality, the number of countries whose nationals can avail the e-visa facility has extended to 100.

According to an official from the Immigration Department, previous to the beginning of the e-visa system, the International Airport in Yangon welcomed 10,000 travelers who made use of the e-visa facility. With the establishment of e-visa facility, the number of travelers making use of the visa on arrival has greatly reduced. The reason behind this is ease and convenience of foreign tourists in using the e-visa system.

The department went on to say that U.S. tops the list of maximum e-visa users, followed by the UK. Visitors can gain entrance into Myanmar using the e-visa scheme at Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw international airports since November, 2014.

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