VoA increasing in demand according to UNWTO

March 02, 2015
UNWTO report talks about the increased count of VoAs

There has been robust progress through visa assistance in recent years. This has been attributed mainly to the implementation of VoA policies. These are in accordance with the findings of the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s Visa Openness Report. It gives a confirmation to how visa facilitation directly gives a boost to economy and positive tourism.

In 2008, the population of the world required almost 77 percent to hold traditional visas. This came down to 62 percent in 2014. Likewise, 19 percent of this world population could travel to their chosen destination without the need for any visa. On the other hand, 16 percent tourists got VoA. The Visa Openness Report has also persistent that the VoA facility has been the most pertinent step taken so far. During the past 4 years, the status of ‘’visa required’’ has been changed to ‘’visa on arrival’’.

According to Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of UNWTO, employment creation in the travel industry and growth in economy is being accelerated because of the visa assistance. He further added that there was more room for growth and were happy to see many governments striving towards it. Restrictive visa policies are present for Europe and Middle East while nations in Americas, Pacific and Asia have been strategizing on providing visa aid. 

Amongst the most open regions to help relax visa process have been Caribbean, Oceania, East Africa and South-East Asia because these are emerging economies which are generally, more unrestricted than advanced ones. He also concluded that the count of visitors by the year 2030 would be very near to 1.8 billion and tourists would be allured by unhindered visa procedures.  Most travelers would come from Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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