Way for visa free to Chinese

July 08, 2015
Chinese citizens are paved to get free entry

Trinidad and Tobago taking a step closer by removing the people republic of China from the statutory list of states to pave the visa free entry for citizens of the China. The country listed in statutory list would require visa compulsory in order to entry in Trinidad and Tobago.

According to Brigadier Carl Alfonso of minister of national security, visas are no longer mandatory for the citizens of China under the provisions established in immigration act. 

The other remaining countries which are listed in second schedule of the immigration act require a compulsory visa is North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Macedonia. 

Hong Kong, which is a special administrative territory in China has already exempted for visa requirement.

The removal of china from the list of states does not immediately gives the visa free entry to the people of china. This is only one step taken to treat china along with all other countries. But at this moment, it allows to devise an online system thus facilitating travel on reciprocal basis.

This move will increase Chinese visitors significantly into the country, tourism and business sectors will be tremendously benefited, with china rise and its becoming biggest contributing economy in the global world.

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