Why New Zealanders are so welcoming...

November 13, 2013

What makes New Zealanders so welcoming?

New Zealand was the last country on Earth to be populated by man, and when it was man came from all over the world to settle here making the already native New Zealander minute in numbers, most of us are made up, in part, by immigrants whether it be from thousands of years ago or a previous generation. There’s many different cultures within us all and today New Zealand has the largest sum of residents, since census began, of 4.4 million people. Approximately 69% are of European descent, 14.5% are of Asian descent and 12% are of Native New Zealanders, this makes up 95.5% of the population with the remaining 4.5% of people being from smaller native backgrounds. The reason we are world famous for being so welcoming of immigrants is basically because most of us are all immigrants!

New Zealand is surrounded by water, and years ago before the invention of aircrafts the only way to migrate was on the water and this could take several weeks or even months to do so was not for the sea sick or faint hearted and not a decision taken lightly. Kiwi’s love of the water could have stemmed from their ancestors voyages to gain a better quality of life. Now more than 20% of New Zealand families own their own boats for personal use and the fishing on the island is not only a highly valued occupation it is also a much loved pastime. Kiwis dominate on a huge scale the world of watersports including windsurfing, rowing, kayaking and yachting. And of course beach walks along crisp white beaches with deep blue seas is a pleasure enjoyed by everyone here.

New Zealand has a reputation for having a relaxed and easygoing lifestyle so it is no wonder the people of the country adhere to the same way of life, notably relaxed and always friendly the natives of the country could be the thing you love most about your visit, holiday or immigration. Life long friends are here to be made and nobody is ever seen as an outsider. Kiwis are eager to strike up a conversation and enjoy banter whether in the form of a casual chat at a bar or eatery or in one of the famous farmers markets or festivals.

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