Why UK still needs new EU Immigrants after Brexit

April 05, 2017

Why UK still needs new EU Immigrants after Brexit

Firms in Britain would still depend on foreign migrants from nations in the European Union after the event of Brexit, the countries members of parliament disclosed.

A strong Commons committee disclosed that the government should consider laws which would grant workers in the European Union the eligibility to bypass some laws on migration just to make it easier to come into the country from another European Union country than from other nations in other parts of the world.

The committee in charge of leaving the European Union Committee disclosed that exiting the union would provide the United Kingdom more control over its migration policies, but also said that the government’s aim is to get the European Union migration under control and it may not include drastically reducing the number of migrants coming in.

The members of parliament also disclosed that there could be regional migration regulations so immigrants can be asked to come into the nation to be employed in regions where there is a lack of expert labour.

They also bashed the government’s claim that it would be better to stay intact without a business deal with the European Union in place than getting a terrible deal. The group stated in a recent report made available that during their visits round the entire nation, they had applications from firms for flexibility in the migration system in the coming future so as to make sure that departments in the country that already rely heavily on migrants do not suffer due to bad decisions.

They also said that the effect of European Union employees in the labour market of the country has been astounding, with a lot of employees in important sectors such as digital skills being from European Union nations.

The members of parliament also said that heads of firms wanted European Union workers to find it easy to come into the country.

“There was a real backing for us to make migration less stressful for European Union workers. They wanted us to make it easy to come in and out of the country.” They also proposed that there should be appropriate work visas for migrants that the hiring companies would apply for, instead of the migrants.

They also pinpointed statements from the secretary of Brexit, David Davis that the figures of migration from European Union nations and non-European Union nations into Britain would not plummet as a result of the referendum on Brexit.

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