Work permits under surveillance in Britain

September 12, 2016
Amber Rudd, the interior minister for Britain, stated on Sunday that she was looking to control the immigration through the work permit system, in response to Brexit voters’ demand for a tighter control at the border.

Although formal talks are yet to commence, Britan is looking for ways to reach out to the voters as they had wanted softer   immigration rules to meet the economic needs which are largely dependent on overseas labour

Work permits under surveillance in Britain

Rudd made it clear that decisions were in the process as her department was analyzing the immigration control system

Although Britain has a visa system in place for non-EU nationals, but under the citizen’s rule they are legally allowed to work and live in Britan

Rudd added, “What we’re going to look at is how we can get the best for the economy, driving the numbers down but protecting the people who really add value to the economy.” 

The point based system for screening of immigrants was rejected by the Prime Minister, earlier this month, sending fears in the minds of the voters that the government was being lenient on important concerns like immigration

But the 23rd June Brexit vote was seen as a strength of the Britons to control the movement of individuals from the bloc. 

May’s ally, Rudd, has to her credit bringing down the numbers of immigration in Briton from 327,000 to lower than 100,000.

Controls over migration are liable to be one of the most debatable points of negotiation in the EU talks for exit from the bloc. Since Britain is looking to tighten controls on the border without giving up access to the EU market. 

In the meantime, EU partners in Britain are clear that if the country wants to enjoy trade benefits, then the free movement of EU nationals is a necessity.

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