World Famous Canadian Astronaut Takes on New Role

October 09, 2013

 World Famous Canadian Astronaut Takes on New Role

Whether you live in Canada, or are just thinking of immigrating there, then you have probably heard of the Canadian Astronaut Professor Chris Hadfield.  Chris Hadfield made headline news over the past year as he detailed his time in space via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Professor Hadfield became famous the world over earlier in 2013 when he recorded a video of himself on his final trip in space.

Professor Hadfield recorded his own version of "Space Oddity", a David Bowie track and released the video for the world to see. It went on to go viral and received more than 18 million hits on YouTube.

During his amazing career he spent time on the International space station and the Russian Space Station, and also had a career as a fighter pilot. He returned to earth in May, 2013, and has since announced his retirement, however, Professor Hadfield won't be relaxing just yet for it has recently been announced that the former astronaut is to take a role at a Canadian University.

It was announced on Monday that Professor Hadfield is to become a professor of aviation at University of Waterloo. Professor Hadfield will start his new job at the university by continuing his research into heart health. This research is considered important as astronauts can often suffer from heart problems and blood pressure problems once they return from Earth following their space voyage.

Professor Hadfield will begin teaching at the University of Waterloo in the Fall of 2014 and will also act as an advisor.

For those that don't know, Professor Hadfield has strong links with the university having studied there in the past and he was also married in the Waterloo area. From 2014, students in Canada will have the chance to learn from this amazing man.

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