Yearly H-1B Visa Quota to open on 1 April, 2015

February 12, 2015
H-1B Visa Quota inaugurating date is 1 April 2015

Deadline for all the employers of United States who are planning to bring overseas skilled employees to the country is at its peak, says the main sources of the country. Employer who fails to apply for H-1B Visa Quota will be losing the opportunity to hire the overseas individuals. USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is all set to accept the H-1B visa applications on 1 April, 2015. H-1B visas are applicable for overseas engineers, financial analysts, degreed professionals, scientists and software developers.

Currently, the annual H-1B Visa Quota is applicable for 85,000 requests and those who apply for the first time are not allowed to apply for any extensions within the same organization or to transfer to another. Sources of the country say that the demand for the annual quota of H-1B Visa is twice that of the allocation that they have made. Since many years, the Congress has not raised the quota.

Sources have also added that before lodging a request for a visa quota, the concerned officials of the country has to check whether they really require an H-1B Visa Quota to hire a new candidate or to make all the existing overseas skilled workers who are on post-graduation work-permit as authorized.  

Employers who wish to extend the job offer letter of an overseas skilled worker must cross check whether he or she has met the entire eligibility requirements, such as their status duration on H-1B Visa, eligibility for the visa and their migration history.  

Usually, H-1B visas hold good and are valid for three years and if required they can be extended to three more years. In case officials of concerned organization sponsors permanent residency in the country, then the duration can be extended further, says the sources.

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