Zimbabwe and Zambia agree for a common visa for their citizens

May 20, 2014
Zimbabwe and Zambia agree for a common visa for their citizens

According to news reports, Zimbabwe and Zambia, neigbours, have reached an agreement to have a uni-visa (i.e. sharing of a single visa) for the tourists of the two countries, beginning next month. The objective is to bring about a rise in the number of tourists of one country to visit the other one. This uni-visa will now make its appearance before the common visa for the whole of Southern Africa, according to Zambia’s tourism minister Walter Mzembi.

The two countries have in common in their territories, the world-famous Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls is considered a ‘natural wonder of the world’ and hence a big/grand ‘tourist attraction’. According to Zambia’s tourism minister Walter Mzembi, the idea has been approved of ‘in principle’ and subsequent to the time the two countries undertook a trial/pilot project. This pilot/trial project was undertaken when they co-hosted the United Nations World Tourism Organisation 20th general assembly, in August, last year.

The minister also stated that at the policy level, the idea has already been approved, etc., but the finer details need implementation. He added that currently/presently, they are also talking to the World Bank and one of the issues that is being discussed is about getting the funding for the project.

He also stated that the agreement between the two countries will allow the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) a chance to consider and determine/judge/check out the possibility of a common visa for the whole block. And thus, this can be done before the heads of this region’s countries meet and get together in Victoria Falls in August, to consider the issue of a common visa for the region.

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