Posted On: 2010-12-11

banged up abroad venezuela

19 year olds Jim and Paul desperately want to escape their dead end jobs and gloomy existence in Leicester, England. But the adventure they crave soon turns into their worst nightmare. Friends since school, Jim and Paul socialise with the same group of lads in the same pubs and clubs, week in, week out. But one Thursday night in 1996, an old friend turns up at their nightclub and changes their lives forever. Jamie sticks out from the rest of the drab crowd - he is confident, tanned and flashing a lot of cash. Jim and Paul are hooked on his stories of holidays abroad, cocktail parties and girls in bikinis. He tells them they could live the dream too, before introducing them to a Russian guy sitting quietly in a corner of the club. He offers Jim and Paul 8,000 Euro each and a four star holiday with all the spending money they could want. All they have to do is bring back a package from Venezuela


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