Posted On: 2011-05-22

Customs UK (Gatwick Airport) - Drug Smuggler loses it! So Sad

These shows are so addictive to watch! In a sad way, its quite fascinating to see the length that these people go threw just to smuggle in narcotics. I can't imagine what their lives were like before deciding to make this fateful decision. Of course I've heard of Dire Straits but wouldn't it be much easier to just steal a car!?! Its almost like these drug mules are waiting to get caught red handed. After 9/11, airport security around the world is super tight. Don't they know that?!?! As crazy as the drug world is, these kingpins aren't that stupid. Only the mules are. One things for sure...If you plan on becoming a mule, NEVER think that you're the only person on that flight with a suitcase full of drugs. Chances are, there's 4 of them on that plane, who are just like you.


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