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Visareporter is a news portal and news web-site covering 'news related to all types of visas of different countries/nations, as it happens' anywhere in the world. Today's world is globalized and many knowledgeable commentators and experts state it as a 'global village'. The movement of information, goods, people, etc. is happening on an unprecedented scale, as never witnessed before. Even businesses, individuals, organizations and governments have been interconnected like never before.

In this interconnected and globalized world and community, advantage inheres to those who are well informed about the relevant happenings elsewhere. It is Visareporter's endeavor to enable and facilitate the provision of news, updates and issues particularly related to all kinds of visas, country-wise to individuals and organizations. This will enable them to take the next step or move forward regarding anything related to visas - all types of them -- and visa help.

Thus, Visareporter is a free, convenient, all-in-one resource pertaining to news related visas covering all countries, and especially the most prominent ones such as USA, UK, Denmark, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, etc. The resource is meant to be a forum for all interested in getting informed, participate in, and be empowered in taking informed decisions about traveling, investing and immigrating abroad. It our motto and mission to aid, assist and help individuals, businesses, organizations in need of access to updated, informative, comprehensive and accurate information about happenings across the globe and particularly relating to visas if they are traveling, investing or immigrating abroad.


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