All About Immigration Review's - A Quick Peek

February 03, 2016
Do you remember your college days? The days when you used to read books & summarize the details about what you like and what you do not like about them meaning you write a review about what you have read? I used to do it!! I used to carefully analyze everything I have read and pen down what I like about the book and what I do not like...

All About Immigration Review

This article is all about reviews. Negative reviews are generally written by individuals or groups with an intention to do maximum harm with minimum efforts. At the end of it, It is all about getting focus or attention!! It is as good as having an oily plait & uncontrolled anger while your mom is nagging you to do something about your life. It is all about the time you write a review....

Many of the reviews are to say the least, pretty useful but I am not here to write about them because they are written by people who want to help others make a career for themselves (or whatever). Some are a little less positive but fine they atleast have a bit of a reasonable approach to give reviews. However, this article is only about websites / individuals who tend to spread negativity with the intention to harm individuals or companies and make profit out of the same.

I wonder if people writing or giving opinions about other Companies / Individuals are doing any self check or reality check on themselves? Remember it is super easy to start a new Company(sigh!!). It only takes about thousands of hours of sweating and burning midnight oil most of your life while others are enjoying their lives. It is as simple as that. And, one negative review can kill your work of a decade. Hmmm....  And, they will be helpless and at the mercy of others after all this hard work. is one such website that I found has been maligning the names of many Companies without having any accreditation for themselves. First and foremost, are they qualified enough to review other Companies? Do they have an accreditation? The answers are a big NO then why review? The simple reason is they are showing off and trying to make some quick money. They are not here to educate prospective immigrants about Consulting Companies but are just idle people who want some quick attention and money for doing practically nothing. And that brings me back to you, the reader.

And all these reviews makes you angry and you want to vent it out somewhere else and what better way to do it then just write another article and instigate someone else looking for a career opportunity? Do not worry my friend but just understand that some of the weirdest and worst reviews are by people who clearly have no idea of Immigration. I only wish that the people reading it understand the facts rather than getting carried away by the same!!

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