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What is the meaning of RSS?

Real Simple Syndication or simply RSS is an automated feed program that enables the user to pull up data from various news or content related websites and blogs and publish them.

To access RSS feeds, what are the tools that I need?

Major parts of the news or content providing websites are available as an application which has to be installed on your computer. Many of them are available at free of cost. Once the feeds are integrated on the system, the user starts receiving them regularly whenever a new data is published on the feed's website.

What are the benefits of using RSS?

Every time publishes a new content on the website you will be able to see the update on your system. This feature will enable you to keep updated and interested on the latest immigration rules and regulations, changes in policies and the most recent happenings in the field of Immigration.

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The RSS provided by VisaReporter is permitted to be used on platforms wherein a click on the title will make the customer redirect to full display of the content on website. Establishing a direct link to should have full access and no preventions can be made as per the organization norms. You will lead into violating of terms and conditions of the organization, should you try to intervene any additional information into the RSS feed associated with

Ownership/Attribution holds all the rights to the RSS feeds including logos and trademarks. Graphical representation of logo is mandatory in respective with the feed connection.

Right to terminate feeds has the full rights to terminate the feed that we are providing for free of cost at any given moment of time without any prior notice. This activity will cease you from displaying, distributing or using our feeds. More over holds no responsibility for your actions that you are undertaking in connection with feeds.


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