Canada's Consulate General office in Bangalore to offer visa and immigration services

May 05, 2014

Canada visa and immigration services - Bangalore

Canada's Consulate General office in Bangalore to offer visa and immigration services from September

Canada's Consulate General office opened in the city of Bangalore on February 27. During the first two months after setting up the office, it was trying to hire and recruit the proper kind of staff to run its operations.

According to the sources in the office, the office would now like to increase its size and the scope of its operations, which will make Bangalore’s Consulate General office, the largest in India.

The operations that would be carried out at the office will include providing visas and immigration services. But, according to the sources in the consulate general, the visa and immigration services will likely commence only from September.

For the purpose of having the needed personnel who will handle all of the services, including the visa and immigration services, the Consulate General’s office will be relocating some staff and hiring some others anew. In all, they are looking at having 40 personnel. 

Also, according to a senior official at the consulate, Canada is optimistic of the future, both near-term and long-term in all spheres, whether it be trade and commerce, employment (IT workers, engineers, etc.), students, immigration matters, etc. According to the sources in the consulate, there are 650 Canadian companies and their offices in the country, of which Bangalore itself/alone has 30.

The Canadian Consulate General had stated in an interview to a newspaper, Deccan Herald, that Canada is looking to India as a source for those who will study in that country, as also for those who will even migrate to that country.

In that interview, he was very optimistic about the future of Indo-Canadian relationships while stressing and emphasizing on the commonalities between the two countries such as pluralism, diversity, etc.

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