Visa needs for tourism has been eased across the world says UN agency

January 16, 2016
The total number of travelers who need a visa for traveling is at the minimum level, as nations across the world continue to simplify the visa needs. According to the World Tourism Organization.

Visa needs for tourism has been eased across the world says UN agency

According to the UN agency in its current report said that, in the previous year, around 39% of population of the world traveled without getting a visa before their departure which is high when compared to just 23% in the year 2008.

The report discriminates between the traditional and different types of visas. It said that on an average around 18% of population of the world traveled to their destinations without visa in the year 2015 while 15% had got the visa on arrival and another 6% were able to get eVisas.

As per the report, Canada was ranked among 30 nations who citizens were least affected by restrictions of the visa in the year 2015. The nations whose people had greatest freedom for travelling were Finland, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Singapore,Italy and the UK. 

The report had also indicate that the visa needs could prevent travelling, minimizing the economic gain of tourism.

According to the report, tourists mostly witness the visas as formality that enforces a cost. The report also said that if acquiring a much-needed visa is complicated or expensive. The qualified tourists are simply prevented from making a particular journey or choosing an optional destination with minimum hassle.

According to Taleb Rifai, UNWTO, Secretary General, at this moment when security and safety are top agenda for everyone, we require working closely for promoting a secure, safe and seamless traveling environment by making use of the possibilities provided by the technology and foreign cooperation in information sharing.

According to the spokesman Francois Lasalle, Canada Global Affairs, department of federal government does not compile the list of nations needing tourists from Canada to get the visa. The data on the visa needs imposed by the specific nation is available at their website.

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