Denmark is the best country to get good pension

October 19, 2013

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When it comes to the monitory security after the retirement, i.e. the scheme of pension then Denmark is the country which tops the list. In a recent study conducted on the global state pension scheme this data was revealed. In this country the pension scheme is incorporated with health plans which make the lives of the retirees much easier. However this may be the top most country in the list but there are other countries which are also catching up fast with their beneficial retirement pension scheme. The other countries are Australia and the Netherlands. Another positive point which makes these schemes famous is their flexibility.

The survey which was conducted also stated that the United States which is a popular choice by the British expats has slipped to be in the top ten lists. This is the first time when the USA has slipped from the rank. The pension schemes of this country is now considered to be good and effective but with major drawbacks. There is however a scope for the improvement of this drawbacks with some constructive steps.

The pension scheme which is prevailing in the USA needs some small changes to get back in the race. According to a statement provided by Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index the drawback of the USA can be merged by increasing the pension amount of the low income retirees. Also adjusting the level of the mandatory contributors should be adjusted to create a balanced environment.

The pension plan which runs in Canada comes in the 6th place followed by that of the pension scheme of Singapore in 7th place. The Singapore was in the category B same as the USA but recently it has entered the top 10 zone to ensure its spot. However, still the pension scheme of Singapore is considered to be same as that of USA which is good yet have risks involved.

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