Immigration adds political advantage to Australia, says Murdoch

November 06, 2013

Immigration adds political advantage to Australia, says Murdoch

Media mogul, Rupert Murdoch feels that the diversity created by immigration, gives Australia an advantage as it seeks to enhance international trade relations, particularly with countries in Asia. Australia should throw open its doors to immigrants to make the country more competitive.

‘21st century is Australia’s for the taking’

“I have come a long way to deliver a short message: the 21st century is Australia's for the taking,” he told his audience at the Lowy Institute, a think tank based in Sydney,

“Australia should not be angst-ridden over its place in the world. Australia should seize its place in the world. We are not hapless victims of circumstance – we are people who define our own destiny,” he said.

The Australia- American head of News Corporation is known for his support to the Coalition government of Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He, however, does not seem to subscribe to the tough immigration policies being contemplated by the Abbott government.

Speaking on the socio-economic influence of immigration, Mr Murdoch pointed out that Australia is on the cusp of becoming something rare and valuable in the new world - an egalitarian meritocracy, with more than a touch of libertarianism. This gave the Australian nation an incredible political advantage.

Calling for the need to preserve and promote Australian values, Mr Murdoch said, “The truth is that if we want to lead rather than follow, we need to promote Australia's values and strengthen the institutions that sustain them.”

Interestingly, a recent poll among Indians by Lowy Institute had found that 60 per cent felt, India would be better if it emulated the working of Australia’s government and society.

Immigration adds its own dynamism

On the question of immigration, Mr Murdoch said, it “adds its own dynamism to any economy.”

Having a diverse immigrant population is precious resource for Australia as it engages with the world.

Murdoch's support for immigration, however, came with a caveat. Immigrants should abide by Australia's values, its institutions and culture.

"There is still a strand among some parts of Australian society who seem to value every culture except our own," he pointed out.

Australia, a lucky country that values openness

Speaking about the openness to new comers, Mr Murdoch said, “Australia has clear values and strong institutions. One key value is an openness to all comers – provided they are willing to abide by our way of life. The result is a great model for the world – a prosperous, multicultural society of people living together in peace and freedom. Tonight I say we should be proud of what we have built – even as we continue to strive for better.

“People call Australia the lucky country, but good fortune is an illusion without effort. We speak of Australia's natural resources, but energy and creativity are the greatest of our natural resources – and those immigrants who understand and share our values will certainly create greater value for all Australians.” Mr Murdoch added.


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