Chinese immigrants in United States are largest immigrants from any country

July 13, 2015

Chinese immigration to the United States represents the largest among all the countries

The once excluded immigrants by the law of United States, Chinese now make up the largest group of foreign arrivals into the country.

According to the report of census bureau, China had replaced Mexico becoming the top source of immigration to the USA; it is also found that China sends more number of students than any other country.

The Chinese immigration to the USA had a long history of immigrants, while the earlier time was considered as very low skilled workers immigrants to the United States. But, in recent times the more number of graduate students and wealthy investors are among the majority of Chinese immigration to the USA.

The Chinese have faced much hostility in the earlier times, were labeled to be undesirable to assimilate. But, from the last century public attitudes towards Chinese taken the shift in their perception.

Since the past five decades, Chinese immigration has undergone a tremendous transformation. With the end of 1965 immigration act which favors the people immigration from the Europe over the other section of the world, now provides a preference for the skilled and professional workers.

Also during the same time, china’s tremendous transformation of its economy and the modernization has revived and more diversified the flow of immigration from China.

During 1960 to 1990, the Chinese immigrant population in the United States has doubled in every decade. As in 1960, Chinese-born immigrants in the US constitute only 100,000, but by 2010 it is reported that there are more than 3.3 million adults Chinese Americans living in the United States. Thus, making them the largest Chinese community outside Asia, represents 24 percent adult of the United States Asian population.

Chinese immigrants also represent the broad range in both ways in the entire economic gamut. But when people think they are always under the perception that they represent highly skilled and much educated.

However, there is a growing anxiety and concerns about the Chinese immigrants. Because of the growing strenth of its economy and pronouncing globally against the American interests.

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