UK industry's answer to the proposals from government for limited skilled Immigration

October 06, 2015
The Government of the UK has commissioned the Committee on Migration Advisory (MAC) for reviewing the Tier 2 under the system of UK‘s immigration.  In a view to reduce the UK’s net migration. 

The exact measures that were taken by the government for restricting both the Tier 2 General and Tier 2 ICT visas were giving priority to those tier 2 migrants who can bring great benefit to the UK through their salary level.  But the general view is that the salary level is not the instrument to determine which migrant can bring great benefit to the UK. It would fail to view the range of salaries that are being paid around different regions and sectors. It also favour the businesses who pay the most, and doesn’t favour those who are in need of the specialist skills, which a migrant can provide. 

UK industry’s answer to the proposals from government for limited skilled Immigration

It’s a matter of concern for all the clients with the programs for International graduate where their job role requires widespread specialized training but they are not well paid.

The government’s measure to limit the Tier 2 for those fields who faces shortage in genuine skills, highly specialized experts and highly valued roles.

These terms would require issuing the guidance clearly to the employers, as it was argued that the burdens of the procedures for Tier 2  is already preventing for seeking the Tier 2 visa. It was also suggested that there is a problem with the visa that are being applied needlessly.

The conclusion should be that those employers who are applying for the visa already consider that there is shortage of genuine skills, migration is highly specialized and that the job role is high for their business.  

It also says that the any limitation will deny the UK industry’s ability to hire the migrants, whom at present believes that it is required..

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