Launch of third Airbus to boost New Zealand economy by $100,000,000!

October 03, 2013
Launch of third Airbus to boost New Zealand economy by $100,000,000!

The introduction of an Airbus A380 aircraft on Emirates' daily Dubai-Brisbane-Auckland route will boost annual capacity on the service by 100,000 seats and inject an extra $100 million into New Zealand's economy, says Auckland Airport chairwoman Joan Withers.

It is said that the economic benefit of having the Airbus A380  was a "staggering figure".

Auckland has now become the second airport in the world to have three Emirates A380 aircraft on the ground at the same time. This is something New Zealander's should be extremely proud of, putting us way ahead of countries such as the USA and the UK.

Emirates vice president said demand for the Dubai-Brisbane-Auckland route from business and leisure travellers had reached a level that warranted the use of the double-decker aircraft. This is due to a huge increase in tourism and business travellers landing in New Zealand daily which is doing marvels for our already increasing economy. 

In 2009 Emirates Vice President spoke with much confidence that the New Zealand market would support these A380 aircraft. The fact that we're here in 2013 welcoming our third A380, into Auckland, demonstrates how well placed that confidence was. 
The Airbus A380 is a unique air craft, the demand was required for many different things which the aircraft covers on a large scale. The cabin crew, for example, on each flight are always what is called a 'Global Cabin Crew' boasting the ability to speak 15 to 16 languages between them, this puts every passenger at a great sense of ease and comfort. There's also a very large selection of enterainment channels available on board.

The New Zealand market has been very receptive to the product and service and the demand was clearly there. We can boast of a totally unique aircraft with exceptional products such as each plane will have it's on spa on board.

Chair woman, Joan Withers says at the launch of the A380 ''It illustrates the importance of international airlines to New Zealand and highlights why here at Auckland Airport we are so focused on growing travel markets".

The significant expected boost in economy will benefit our natives with a new surge of tourism due, local business's are predicted to profit greatly.
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