Britain passport cited as strongest among all countries - research reveals

July 11, 2014
Britain tops among nations for most influential passport

Travel documents of Britain are regarded as the most influential in the world. People holding a passport in United Kingdom, Sweden or Finland can travel to 173 countries either with visa-on-arrival or without a visa, according to research conducted by a website.

The US, Denmark, Luxembourg and Germany passport holders have access to 172 nations, holding second place.

Passport holders of European countries, North America, Australia, and New Zealand have the best access ranging from 168 and 173 countries. While, South American passport holders have medium access, which includes Brazil and Argentina possessing visa-free entry rights to 146 and 147 countries respectively.

Afghanistan passport holders can travel to only 28 nations without a visa followed by Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia. Angola, North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria are considered to be the hardest nations whose passport holders have access extending between 38 to 41 nations.

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