Foreign student visa numbers rises in New Zealand

March 10, 2016
The number of foreign student visas granted for Wellington has increased but it is looking out for more foreign students to study in New Zealand.

Foreign student visa numbers rises in New Zealand

The New Zealand immigration statistics has revealed that around 5643 student visas were granted for Wellington last year, with an increase of 12% compared to 2014.

Large number of students were from China with 33%, followed by the students from India with 10% and the US with 7%.Foreign students are predicted to spend around $28,000 every year on their fees and living expenses.

According to Chris Whelan, Chief Executive, Regional Economic Development Agency of Wellington,  it was the beginning of capital’s foreign student drive. He believe that the education providers should target to double the number of foreign students in Wellington to around 12,000 that will add around $190 million to the regional economy. He also said that there is a massive chance for the educational institutions to chase the markets and get the students to come and study in New Zealand.

He also informed that there is a big scope for development and it is an area they are focusing on partnership with Education New Zealand,  City Council of Wellington and the regional educational institutions.

Foreign student visas in Wellington have been increased by 19%, these visas are the indication of development as they represent more students entering the foreign education pipeline.

Foreign students bring skills and talent to the capital city and they also act as the foreign ambassadors when they go home, spreading the word about Wellington and New Zealand which is priceless.

According to Jo Coughlan, Wellington City Councilor and Chairwoman of economic growth committee of the council, at present Wellington has been underperforming in education and there was now a sharper focus on foreign student attraction.

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