Germany in need of immigrants from non-EU nations

March 28, 2015
Germany to grab the attention of more non-EU nationals soon

As per the new reports of the concerned sources, Europe requires a number of immigrants from non-European nations to maintain the figure of working age of in Germany. Sources further added that Germany needs 276,000 to 491,000 net migrants from non-European nations every year to maintain its position of economic activity and prosperity. 

According to the new reports, increase the count of women in the labor force and rise in the retirement age to 70 will add 4.4 million immigrants to the employed number. 

As per the new statistics of the nation, the number of overseas individuals residing in Germany has grown up by 6.8% or 519,340 in 2014 compared to the previous years. Out of which most of them are Syrians, Bulgarians and Romanians who hold a good position in the Germany workforce. 

Currently, Germany is a home town to 60% of new migrants. The average count of overseas skilled applicants who have shown interest to immigrate to Germany by 2014 year-end was 8.2 million. Highest record which the country has maintained since 1967 was 80 million by 2014. 

However, this vibrant, cultured nation is experiencing shrink in the aging population and birth rates, thus the concerned sources of the country have planned to lure more number of skilled applicants who could contribute in a better way for the country’s economy.

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