HNI individuals from Oman are target of a special US immigrant visa program

April 22, 2014

HNI individuals from Oman are target of a special US immigrant visa program

The USA is planning to sponsor High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs), who are residents of Oman, under employment-based immigrant visa EB-5 program.

This program provides an easy path for the individuals who wish to settle down in USA. The individuals planning to migrate under this program need not be proficient/good in English language, there are no age constraints which are considered, and the individual may or may not have managerial experience.

The EB-5 program will enable the individual from an alien country to get a green card which allows such an individual to get a permanent residency, along with his/her family.

But, the individual will be allowed to bring along with him/her, his/her children below 21 years, only if the individual can invest/spend US$ 500,000 in a US commercial business/venture.

Team members from WWICS had arranged a colloquium to guide the interested immigrants regarding the custom-made immigration opportunities to several countries.

The authorities guided shareholders, talented employees, certified individuals, businesspersons and students concerning abundant opportunities, vacancies, different ways to stay and get educated or to establish a business in other countries. In the seminar, the spokespersons provided several clarifications to the individuals in several areas.
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