Hong Kong to roll out pilot scheme for luring talent

April 29, 2015
A new pilot scheme to roll out to lure talent - VisaReporter Immigration News

The Hong Kong immigration department rolls out a new talent admission pilot proposal for second-generation Hongkongers on 04 May 2015, along with the improved versions of numerous programs that are presently in place to attract overseas nationals.

Individuals whose age is in between 18 and 24 and who are presently residing abroad and their parent have  Hong Kong permanent identity card, then they are eligible to apply for this scheme. They should also be  economically independent individuals, educated with at least bachelor’s degree and are proficient in either English or Chinese languages. The minimum processing time is likely to take two to four weeks. 

Individuals under the current General Employment Policy, mainland talents under the Admission Scheme and skilled professionals under the Quality Migrant Scheme would see their lodging arrangements relaxed. 

Despite undergoing for visa renewals three times till meeting the seven- year requirement to apply for PR,  presently the individuals have to extend their visas twice for every three years after their initial stay in the country for a period up to two years and if their available income for salaries tax falls less than HK$2 million. 

For those whose annual salary exceeds HK$2 million, prior to tax, within the initial two year period of their stay will be issued a six-year visa following the initial two years. Amendments are also applied for general points based test under the QMAS, with an extra 30 points awarded to the applicants holding bachelor degree or above granted by renowned and recognized institutions. 

Individuals who hold over two years of specialist work experience with international exposure would also earn an additional 15 points to meet the 80 points minimum requirement. In case applicant hold a degree from a specialized institution and the department would consult professional bodies and experts for reference. 

The latest proposal and improvements, first declared to address the government attempts to deal with the aging populace and shrinking labor force when the globe competes for talents. According to the Assistant Director of Immigration, Law Chun- nam, Hong Kong is an international city and it needs a diversified economy and thus it looks for talents or professionals the country needs.

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