India has urged the UK not to implement proposals regarding work visa fees

February 16, 2016
Looking at the concerns of the IT industry of India, the Central government has urged the Government of UK not to raise the visa fees for skilled employees and also not to raise the least income threshold for intra-firm transfers as it will increase the monetary burden of such firms.

India has urged the UK not to implement proposals regarding work visa fees

The Indian Ministry of Commerce had sent a written letter to Home Office Department of the UK, mentioning that the report of Advisory Committee on Migration (MAC) on visas should be ignored as it will have repercussion on the IT companies of India and also on the firms of the UK who are making use of their services.

According to the government official, a letter has already been sent from the office of the Commerce Secretary to the Department of Home Office of the UK. A message from the Minister of Commerce would also be sent soon.  

The MAC has recommended the proposal of 1000 pounds skills charge on the firms for its employees being employed from overseas. It had also suggested the least revenue threshold for the Tier 2 visa from 20,8000 pounds to 30,000 pounds and around 41,500 for the third party contractors.

The official also informed that the recommendations from the MAC,  that mainly targeting the IT professionals from India is being currently studied by the Home Office, and it is due to be implemented on 6th April 2016. India is trying to changing its mind before that date arrives.

Meanwhile, Nasscom had already presented its report to the MAC revealing that the IT firms from India contribute very less to the net migration of the UK. The Ministry of Commerce too had said that putting the limitations on the IT professionals would not bring down the migration numbers.

Many sections of UK industries had also criticized the step and had said that it will prove to be unfair and needless hurdle to increase for small employers who are seeking to fill up the vacant skilled positions.

And as per the report from MAC, the professionals from India were the leading users of this Tier 2 visa till last year’s September month, with almost 90% of visas being granted to the employees from India.    
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