Indians are the main beneficiary in the most recent US visa bulletin

January 25, 2016
The US State Department had published the January 2016 Visa Bulletin, showing movement in the dates to permit for the earlier processing of job-based immigrant visas in certain cases. These dates are used for determining when the immigrants might file the job-based visa petitions, immigrant visas and when the visa could be approved by the status adjustment or consular processing from outside of the US.

Indians are the main beneficiary in the most recent US visa bulletin

Indians are the key beneficiary in the most current visa bulletin with the movement of 8 months in application final action date for petitions of EB-2 job-based immigrant visa. Indians might get their EB-2 visa eight months before than will otherwise be the case.

The priority dates are when the application is made for job-based immigrant visa when the labor certification application is made or when different type of application is being made. If the individual’s priority date is before date than displayed in the bulletin, they could submit their application for a visa. 

The Visa Bulletin of the US for January 2016 includes the charts that have dates for filing the applications for the visa and final action dates for application. 

To qualify for filing the job based adjustment application for this year, overseas citizens are needed to have a priority date which is earlier than the dates.

Most important modifications in the chart for final action dates of the application could be find the Indian EB-2 category that has moved by eight months to 1st February 2008. Less movement of three weeks to two months had occurred across different categories of immigrant visa classification.        

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